The Web optimization framework is installed via NuGet at


The ASP.NET Web optimization framework provides services to improve the performance of your ASP.NET Web applications.

Current services provided by the framework include:
  • bundling - combining multiple scripts or style resources together into a single resource, and thereby requiring browsers to make fewer HTTP requests
  • minification - making scripts or styles smaller using techniques such variable name shortening, white space elimination, etc.

Additionally, the framework has multiple extensibility points, enabling you to add new services over time.

This Site

At present, the Web optimization framework code is not public and therefore will not be published on this site. However, we are planning to change that, and as soon as we are able, the code will be published on this site, under the source code tab. In the meantime, the site will be used as a single point for tracking issues, hosting discussions, and providing links to documentation.

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